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The city of Minneapolis sets the metered rate. Generally all other municipalities within the Twin Cities Metro area follow their lead. Current metered rate(s) are as follows:

Trips originating from Minneapolis, St. Paul, All Suburbs & MSP Airport

Minimum Fare & Occupancy

A $5.00 minimum fare is applicable on all orders. Outer fringe suburbs may have higher minimum fares. Up to 6 six can ride for the price of one depending on vehicle type and seating availability.

Airport Access Fee

A $4.00 "Airport Access" fee will be added to ($2.50) flag on all trips originating from MSP Airport. There is only one access fee per trip, regardless of the number of passengers. This allows the driver to recover the fees paid to access the Airport.

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All drivers gladly accept credit & debit cards

All drivers gladly accept credit and debit cards